I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because  I had Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I was very distressed and breathless.  I was tired all of the time, tenderness all over my body especially the legs. I had sore feet and heels especially in the morning which made walking a nightmare. I stayed at home most of the time and only went out if there was need for me to go out; like going to the  GP or going to hospital. I had severe headaches and stomach pains, cramps and bloating,  heavy and painful periods. I often had muscular pull and stiffness of the muscle. I had difficulty concentrating and sleeping.  I was so unwell and so unhappy, GP kept giving me strong pain relief tablets but nothing was strong enough to relieve the pain completely. It would disappear for just a short while and come back again. My husband became my carer, because I could not do anything, even basic things, always tired. Lack of sleep made me very restless and grumpy. I would easily snap and sometimes my husband would get angry with me and  leave me alone to do  things myself which I couldn’t. Eventually he became fed up of my situation, and kept ignoring my requests and pleas. His family made him believe that most of the time I was pretending so as to get all the attention from everyone. They thought I just didn’t want to stay in work and was just bullying my husband and enjoying his money.

Then I heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson from a radio show called YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH. It was just sheer coincidence or I would call it luck from my side, that I happened to tune in at the same time the show was on. I was even able to call in that evening and spoke to Dr Stephen Ferguson live and he asked me to go and see him at the natural health clinic.

I went to see Dr Stephen Ferguson and he did a live blood test. He told me the different things that were happening in my blood and assured me things could get better if I stuck to the programme. He started me off with 8 weeks programme, put me on a few vitamins, asked me to stay away from certain foods and introduced natural foods in my diet. By 6 weeks I had lost 2.5 stones, and felt a thousand times better, even my husband changed his attitude towards me, he went back to the loving person I had married. I then went back for another live blood test, but this time, Dr Stephen Ferguson told me there was big improvement in the blood. By end of the programme  the wheezing had gone, the pain in the legs had also gone. I started walking better, I kept testing myself, going places I was not able to go before. I can go food shopping now without hustling anyone to do it for me or even come with me. I realised I don’t need all the medication I have been stocking the past years, so I have got rid of those.

Both me and my husband  tune in to Dr Stephen Ferguson’s radio show, we love it.  I have recommended everyone I know for a live blood test, and so far most of my friends and family have done it including my husband and they feel great about it. It feels good to be healthy and I can now work hard to become wealthy.