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I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from arthritis for about 10 years

and acid reflux. I had joint pain and some times the bones felt like crushing. I was in so much pain for a very long time. My back was hurting, could barely sit for a long time, I could not even exercise, so with time put on a lot of weight. The Doctors kept telling me that I was clinically obese and that I had to lose weight, but realistically I could barely do any as most cardio exercises that can help with weight loss were not suitable for me.


A good friend of mine recommended me to Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. I was a bit afraid at first but then he convinced me that he was capable of curing my illness. So I finally made a decision to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson and did the live blood test. However my blood was not nice at all. So he put me on the 8 weeks programme, where I was taking vitamins and other food supplements. He also recommended some light exercises that suited my illness. I was so surprised how different I felt just after a few weeks, my back pain reduced, the acid reflux was better. I felt so better, and light and more energy. By the end of the 8 weeks programme, I lost 2 stones, I was so happy. I had been trying to lose weight for a long time and now that it happened, I so much over the moon. I am so glad I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson.