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I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from chronic fatigue, depression and I also had digestive problems, I had very bad constipation. Before I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, I had never heard of such an illness. I was feeling tired all the time, more or less like I had been drugged. When my mum first realised that I was always tired and could barely leave my room, she imagined the worst. First she thought that I was pregnant, so she confronted me about it which I took very seriously and it turned out to be a big argument. After a few months she realised I was not pregnant, then she came up with her weird thoughts again that I must be on drugs that’s why I was sleepy and all and act weird and behave differently. In the process of all this dilemma I fell out with my mum a bit. I kept ignoring her and she kept pushing to get answers but the trouble was I also did not know what was going on with me.  I became mentally depressed and frustrated. So I decided to get medical help and that’s when my GP told me that I suffered from chronic fatigue. So he put me on some medication, which  was making me  dizzy. When I told my mum about it, she talked me into coming to see Dr Stephen Ferguson.


When I came to Dr Stephen Ferguson, he did a live blood test. I found that very interesting. My blood however was very clogged and according to Dr Stephen Ferguson it needed cleansing. He therefore put me on a programme for 8 weeks, where I was taking vitamins and food supplements. After a few weeks on the programme, there was a massive improvement in the way I felt. I gained more energy, my constipation was cured, wasn’t  blocked any more.  I could even  go to my dance lessons without hustle. I started  feeling better mentally, as the illness got better. Me and my mum became close again, my mum has always wanted the best for me. The exercises really helped me with keeping fit and on the go. I stopped using my medication. I am healthier than I have been in a long time. I try to eat healthy as well. I still take my vitamins and food supplements. When I went back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson on my second visit, he did another live blood test, but this time my blood was a lot better than the first time. I owe it to Dr Stephen Ferguson for the vitamins and food supplements he put me on.


I would recommend anyone who has not visited the Natural Health clinic to do so. Dr Stephen Ferguson’s live blood test is worth taking. It’s an answer to many illnesses.